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Happy Clients

Highly Recommended

Donna came highly recommended to me by a good friend. I've been very pleased with the care she's given my two year old cockapoo, Francis, and the service she's given me since day one.

When we moved to San Francisco four months ago, I was super nervous about finding a new dog walker because Francis had been with her previous one since she was a baby and she absolutely loved him. However, from the first time I spoke with Donna, I was impressed with her vast knowledge and strong business sense. I could tell that she was running a smooth operation - and that was important for me. She also expressed a lot of enthusiasm around getting to know my dog - which is ALSO very important for any dog owner -- and finding the right doggie group for Frank.

Not only does she make sure Francis is walked every day (and that she is happy), she has also offered me a lot of sound advice (e.g. what to do with an anxious barker; how to treat a sliced paw; how to deal with ticks, etc.). She is extremely responsive and accommodating and her genuine passion for this job (and care for my dog) comes through in all of her communication.

I am so grateful to have Hot Diggity Dog Walking in our lives! Both Francis and I are very happy.

Christine M.

Seattle, WA

Top Notch

Donna and her crew are top notch. They are great with my dog and he loves them. He's always wiped out when he comes home so I know they show him a good time. I also travel for work spontaneously and Donna is always able to accommodate overnights on a moments notice. I guarantee you won't be disappointed.

Dave W.

San Francisco, CA

Simply Fantastic

Donna is simply fantastic. I had a bad experience with a former dog walker and had nearly sworn off the whole group-walks-and-play situation altogether. But, I could tell my often-anxious fox terrier, Molly, needed more exercise than she was getting. 

Donna came over to my house and let me talk extensively in detail only a dog-owner can really achieve about my terrier and my concerns. She was fantastic with her and answered all of my questions. In the first few weeks, Donna called me personally to give me an update and even moved Molly to a different play group so we could get just the right fit for her. Molly had some minor digestive issues causing a few trips to the vet, and Donna was incredibly responsive and accommodating with my questions about whether Molly was picking up anything strange off the ground, the state of her stool and my request to restrict treats until we figured out what was going on. 

I spent a week working from home and got to meet the dog walker who picks Molly up everyday. He was surprised to find anyone home in my apartment, but was incredibly gracious and agreeable. The best part was seeing how Molly would leap off the couch and sit with her tail wagging at my apartment door at (seemingly) random. Of course, a few moments later I would barely hear the building's door open, and a few seconds after that, a knock at my apartment door. If my dog is leaping off the couch in excitement at the sound of Joey's car on the street (which I could never detect), I know she's having a fantastic time. And, of course, a bit selfishly-- she's calm, exercised, socialized and even a little sleepy by the time I get home from work in the evenings. 

I highly recommend Donna and her dog walkers!

Hazel J

Pacific Heights, San Francisco, CA

We LOVE Donna and her crew! I work in the investment business and interview CEOs regularly and I can honestly say that I have never met anyone as passionate about what she does than Donna. She treats our little dog as if it were her own son, and is as excited as we are to see him walk through the door every time she comes to our home. We travel extensively and always use her for our pet sitting, which is hands down the best service in the Bay Area because it is so personalized. She even picks our dog up and drops him off, door to door service that makes our lives so much easier. And she is always there for us when we have questions. For example, we recently had some problems with our little dog as we prepare for having our first baby, likely because he sensed that he was no longer going to be the baby. When he began acting out, the first thing we did was email Donna and within 24 hours she sent us a long description of all of the possible solutions, helping us figure out how to solve the problem. In sum, Donna is a problem solver, and anyone would be lucky to have her in their dog's life!

Henry's D

Rohnert Park, CA

Donna is the Best

Donna is the best!  I brought home our rescue terrier mix Taffy on a Friday afternoon without any notion of what we would do when we went to work on Monday.  Donna came to our home that Sunday and Taffy has been with her (and Roxy, our dog walker) ever since.  Because Taffy was abused and abandoned in her past life she had some fear issues, and our behaviorist at SFVS even commented on how lucky we were to have found a dog walker who knew so much about dog behavior...We love Donna and Roxy!  Taffy now has dog friends from her daily walks with Roxy while my husband and I are at work, and Taffy has been to slumber parties at Roxy's when we are out of town.  I would give them 10 stars if it was possible!

Jeane S

San Francisco, CA

First Class Service

Donna is running a first class dog walking service.  we met her two years ago, and we have used her service since.  Our dog Judy is picked up every morning for her daily romp with her friends, including Jewels, Spencer, Max and Lola.  

As mentioned Hot Diggity Dog is an excellent service.  Donna does a thorough check on her staff, and an  excellnet staff she has.  James currently picks judy and her friends up every morning.  The dogs are taken to different locations, so there is a variety.  We also get photo's and videos of the dogs on occassion.  The video is like a report card, and we are not suprised to see that our little Judy not only ignores us when she is called......

Donna has also arranged to have our little girl looked after while we have been out of town. which has been a big help,  We are able to leave town and not worry about Judy's care... 

If you are looking for a dog walking service you can't go wrong by choosing Hot Diggity Dog, and teh price is right for the service provided...

Jim R.

San Francisco, CA


Donna and her team are phenomenal. Bella loved her daily walks with Jen, and Donna will record the puppies playing and posts it on YouTube so you can see for yourself how much fun they are having! Having never used a dogwalker before, we were a little nervous about giving strangers keys to our house.  Donna is bonded and insured, and takes great care when choosing her team, and our house and puppy were always safe and sound when we got home from work. We cannot recommend Donna and Hot Diggity Dog more!

Rob B

San Francisco, CA